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February 20th, 2019

Protein is an essential component of the muscle-building process and health. Yet, many women stray away from consuming enough protein for maximum results. Let go of fear, bust through myths, and learn about the power of protein and why you should increase your daily protein intake!

1. Protein is an essential nutrient
Of the 20 amino acids that make up protein, nine are essential. Essential amino acids specially cannot be made by our bodies and the only way they can be consumed is through food. Dietary protein supplies the building blocks of muscle tissue. It also supplies the materials needed for neurotransmitters and hormones.

2. Protein provides the building blocks to rebuild muscle
Each time you have a hard workout you break your muscle tissues down. To rebuild your muscles, you need to recover. However, to do that you need enough fuel. With proper protein intake, amino acids come to the rescue of your damaged muscle, repairing those tissues so they grow back even stronger.

3. Protein stabilizes your energy levels and appetite
If you’re constantly hungry throughout the day, you’re probably not eating enough protein at each meal. Compared to carbohydrates, protein takes longer to metabolise and digest. This slow digestion time means you’ll stay fuller longer and keep hunger at bay, making it easier to hit your caloric intake and macros for bodyweight maintenance.

4. Protein helps to prevent the loss of muscle
When you dive into a caloric deficit and attempt to decrease body fat, you risk losing a significant amount of muscle. As a means of minimalizing muscle loss, it is important to increase protein content. How much is required? The International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism suggest that by consuming between 2.3-3.1g of protein per 1kg of mass per day, would be an adequate amount of protein to restrict muscle loss for both men and women.

5. Whey Protein boosts your immune system
Oh, the wonders of whey! If you choose to add whey protein powder to your diet, you’ll be taking in more than muscle-building strength gains. You get an immune boost, as well. Whey protein contains glutathione, a tripeptide that helps strengthen immune function!

6. Increasing protein content will make you look leaner not bulky!
One of the reasons that some women shy away from protein is because they believe the myths. Women do not produce enough muscle making hormones such as testosterone to support large amounts of muscle mass. So increasing protein content will not make women look bulky, in fact it has the contrary effect helping women sculpt and shape a lean, toned and strong figure! Increase your daily protein content ladies and watch your health skyrocket!

7. High protein diets help to increase bone mineral density
Scientists have studied protein intake and bone health for years. Indeed, it was once thought that higher protein diets caused the body to lose calcium. However, newer research has found that high protein intake also increases intestinal calcium absorption, offsetting its effect on calcium excretion. More simply, the body needs both protein and calcium, in the right proportions, for strong bone health!

8. Protein rich foods also contain many other good health benefits
Protein rich foods have more pack to their punch then you may think. For the most part we use these food sources primarily for their protein, but the spinoff is the additional health benefits that protein rich foods provide. Some examples include poultry protein sources such as chicken and eggs. While providing a high-quality source of protein, they also provide iron, phosphorus, selenium, Vit-A, Vit-B2, Vit-B3, Vit-B5, Vit-B6, Vit-B7, Vit-B12 and zinc! Wholegrain foods provide good sources of protein plus have the additional benefit of fibre. Legumes and vegetables again are a superb source of protein with the massive extra benefit of antioxidants and other phyto-chemicals that are critical for optimal health.

So as you can see, we all need to include protein in our diets…women included! Protein is not only essential for the building, recovery and repair of muscle, but also has a myriad of other health benefits…so make sure you nouish your bodies with enough protein!