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January 10th, 2020

After writing down your new year’s resolutions to start the new decade, the million dollar question is? How do you achieve your fitness goals like you planned?

Ultimately you, and you alone, are in charge of your mindset. You can adapt the way it thinks about anything including exercise!

Taking good care of yourself, through a healthy lifestyle and enjoyable exercise, is the most rewarding form of preventative medicine there is. It’s crucial to find a way to become passionate about exercise. We all know the benefits of regular exercise, enhanced mood, reduce stress levels, lift in confidence and it is even said to fight depression. Creating a habit of exercise takes repetition, discipline to push past any initial resistance and a decision to commit to the process. Repetition builds a habit, and a habit can become a lifestyle and part of who you are.

Here are Scorpion Supplement’s top tips to help you stick to those new year new you resolutions.

Make exercise a priority
Be consistent in what you do. Put your exercise sessions in your diary and regard them as important appointments that you need to keep, like an important meeting.

Try pairing up and exercising with a friend
You are much less likely to bail out if you feel you are letting someone else down.

Create a workout playlist
Music that motivates you and makes you want to move will only enhance your work outs- the All Black playlists on I-Tunes are a quick and easy place to start for great work out tunes.

Dress for success
Get some workout clothes that you feel good in.

Change your routines
To avoid boredom, try new types of activities or work outs.

Be prepared for distractions
It’s not an “all or nothing” scenario! If something gets in the way of your scheduled exercise session, then find a way to fit a shorter workout in instead. It is always better to do something than nothing.

Don’t overthink it
Just do it. 

Focus on consistency not results
You are obviously working out for a reason and hoping for visible changes in your body. But try to think of starting an exercise program as a lifestyle change as opposed to a ‘6 or 8 weeks to a new you!’. It is good to have measurable goals, but it is very important not to become obsessed with the results but rather learn to enjoy the process. Be present in the moment and be grateful for your improved health.

Avoid the comparisons
It’s never helpful, especially in this age of social media, which is often essentially designed to cause envy. There will always be someone fitter, stronger, in better shape or better looking than you if you look hard enough. These people are not you, and they don’t have your life, your body or your concerns. Comparing yourself to others will only create anxiety and lead to endless negative thoughts.

Train smarter, not harder
Fitness is not about the time you put in or about beating yourself up. It’s about doing the work that has been shown to give good results.

More muscle is a good thing
We tend to lose muscle as we get older at the rate of around ½ a Kg per year from the age of 35 if we don’t work to maintain and improve it. Keeping enough muscle tissue is vital to keeping our body fat levels and our weight in check. Having greater muscle mass helps to slow down the usual age-related decline in our metabolism.

Feed the machine
Finally it is generally accepted that what you put into your body is 80% of the battle to any healthy transformation. If you are struggling to get the correct amounts of anything through your diet (most don’t get the required amounts of protein for example), then this is where Scorpion Supplements can help! Scorpion provides cost effective, NZ made supplements, to help you achieve your fitness goals!

With your new year’s resolutions written down with detail, and having read Scorpion Supplements top tips to How Not To Fail Your New Year’s Resolutions, now is the time to take action and make your dreams become reality. All the best from Team Scorpion.