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Je Endrina

Je Endrina

NZIFBB Physique Athlete



AGE: 22
Height: 169
Birth Place: The Philippines
Current Residence: Christchurch New Zealand
Code: Men’s Physique Competitor
Off season weight: 73kg
Competition weight: 65-67kg
Occupation: Personal Trainer
Favourite Supplements: Scorpion Mass Attack and Scorpion Sting
Favourite Foods: Most healthy food and donuts for a cheat meal


Originally born in the Philippines moved over here, to New Zealand, in 2007 and have been living here since.
I was quite a sporty individual back in college, where I participated in many sporting codes which includes my favourite sport, rugby. My fitness journey began when I realised that I was a rather small individual which made participating in a high impact sporting code like rugby, difficult!
This obvious discrepancy then became my motivation to enhance my physique!
Enter..Gym life!
I remember the very first time I trained inside a gym.. I was literally in pain for the following two weeks or more! As a novice in physical training I had no idea on how to train or about nutrition however I was so motivated, driven and hungry to pursue this lifestyle and make it my own!
YES! The Struggle was real but I never quite! I knew, from deep inside my heart, that the road was never going to be easy but struggle is growth and more importantly the struggle has enhanced my character and has made me a stronger person holistically!
Twelve months later, after many consistent blocks of training during 2014 I decided to compete in bodybuilding where I won all of my divisions which includes being crowned WFF Mr New Zealand 2014, a victory that I treasure to this day and which is the catalyst for even bigger achievements!
In 2015, after some serious thought, I decided that I would participate the NZIFBB Men’s Physique Category. The NZIFBB Men’s Physique was a new bodybuilding division suited for athletic looking males which I thought suited me perfectly!


->If you wake up and you have extreme drive and motivation to pursue this lifestyle, do it! Don’t let or allow any other person stop you from following what you believe is your destiny. Commit and execute, day in and day out because the grind is where life’s lessons are learnt and those that grind and work the hardest and the smartest are the people that succeed and conquer their goals, dreams and ambitions!
->Be careful with who you choose to let into your circle. The top five people you associate with will reflect upon the person you ultimately become. Choose people who celebrate with you, support you and who want you to be your best!
->To climb the mountain of success there are going to be ups and down, peaks and valleys, highs and lows. The road will never be direct or linear. Follow your heart and your head, decide and dedicate, learn and grow and you will overcome ever obstacle that comes down your path so that you can enjoy the view from the top of the mountain!
->Self education is vital!


> Scorpion Mass Attack- Packed full of high quality nutrition to help each and every hard gainer achieve increased strength, power and raw MASS!
> Scorpion Sting- Scorpion Sting gives me the edge to excel every single time I hit the gym, even when my energy and motivation are less than optimal, Sting helps me GET IT DONE! A truly unique performance enhancing product for each and every individual or athlete!
> Scorpion Creatine-A well proven ergogenic, performance enhancing product. A must in any gym bag!



-> WFF Men’s Overall Champion 2014
-> NZIFBB 2015 Men’s Physique 2nd Place
-> Fully qualified Personal Training