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May 4th, 2022

Are you sick and tired of consuming the same old protein shakes day in, day out? We know that feeling, the good news is there are a multitude of ways to incorporate protein powder into your diet and meals. Here are some easy ways to add more protein into your diet, one scoop at time, so that you can reap the benefits of becoming a stronger, healthier version of yourself.

1. Proats
Proats are a combination of oats and protein powder. Oats are an excellent complex carbohydrate and when whey protein is mixed with them it combines to make a nutritious and delicious breakfast, meal or snack. Scorpion Whey Protein is the perfect protein source to add with your oats, try one of our delicious flavours today.

2. Protein Pancakes
Protein pancakes are a healthy breakfast option that is easy to make and suitable for the whole family. Protein pancakes can use a range of ingredients, and can include fruits and spices, so get your creative juices flowing and try out our recipe today. You can add either Scorpion Whey or Vegan Protein into your protein pancakes.

3. Bliss Balls
Bliss balls are a sweet, guilt free treats that make an ideal mid-avo or post workout snack option. Bliss balls tick all of the nutritional boxes as you can add a variety of ingredients, based on your preferences. Most bliss ball recipes contain a combination of complex carbs, protein powder, healthy fats and fiber. Click here for a recipe on how to make Apricot and Almond Protein Balls.

4. Protein Waffles
Just like pancakes, waffle recipes can be easily manipulated to get more protein into every bite. Protein waffles are healthy, wholesome and are super filling which makes them a delicious, healthy breakfast option.

5. Smoothies
Smoothies are a breakfast staple option for many people as they are a convenient way of blending nutritious foods together. Throw all of your favourite healthy food options into a blender with a scoop of Scorpion Whey or Vegan protein, blend it, drink it and then you are ready to go for the day. Smoothies will help to keep you feeling full and satisfied until lunch or your next meal. Need some ideas? Click here for 7 summer shake ideas.

6. Protein Coffee
Scrap your powdered creamer and opt for some Scorpion vanilla whey instead. Protein coffee or protein served with your hot beverage of choice, is a great nutrition fix, especially for people who skip breakfast. You can also try adding Scorpion Collagen Creamer into your hot drink.

7. Protein Scrambled Eggs
Making scrambled eggs is fun and has long been a go-to kiwi breakfast meal option. While eggs are already high in protein, scrambled eggs can be made even better by adding a serve of Scorpion unflavoured whey, whisked into them. Try this option as the ultimate post workout meal or as part of your breakfast routine.

8. Protein Soup
Add protein powder as the last step in your homemade soup to help boost it’s protein content. Soup is a great snack or meal option but can be made even more nutritious with protein added into the recipe. Make sure you add your protein in after your soup has stopped simmering, as high heat can affect the nutritional value of whey or vegan protein.

9. Salad Dressing
Salad for lunch today, but lacking that extra protein that will help support your recovery? Beef up your salad by mixing some whey protein with white vinegar or lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper for an easy peasy protein rich salad dressing. You can get creative by adding different foods. Mix it up, and some spices and enjoy.

10. Protein Rich Mashed Potato
Have you ever thought about adding mashed potatoes into your protein? Sounds a bit odd but is actually a super easy way to make your side dish pack an extra punch of protein.