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April 30th, 2019

Up until recently, the protein powder market has been dominated by whey and casein forms of this sports supplement. What are the advantages of using plant-based protein powders and how can they help me? These are questions that we often get asked, so here are the answers that you need to know!

What is a plant-based protein powder?

As the name suggests, plant based protein powders source all of their protein from plants. Plants are a great source of protein and plant based protein powders have proven to be just as effective as their dairy based equivalents for muscle building and general health. The following is a list of common plant based foods rich in protein:
• Grains
• Lentils
• Nuts
• Beans
• Legumes
• Soy
• Hemp
• Brown rice
• Pea

What are the main benefits of plant-based protein?

1. Plant based protein is 100% dairy free. A common complaint from people who suffer dairy allergies is that whey & casein cause bloating and flatulence. Unlike whey or casein, plant based protein is 100% free of lactose and eliminates those unwanted side effects.

2. Plant based protein has been shown to be a highly absorbable protein with 90-97% of the protein being digested. This is because plant-based protein sources are all natural and are designed by Mother Nature to support our body’s growth and repair of lean tissues.

3. Plant based protein powders can help improve your general health. Plant based protein powders are rich in phytonutrients, anti-oxidants and fibre! Phytonutrients support many enzymatic processes in the body, antioxidants fight against free radicals (secondary muscle damage) and fibre helps to promote good digestive health. All work together to keep us healthy.

4. One of the major advantages of plant-based protein powders is that it is an alkaline protein source. Alkaline sources of nutrition help to regulate our bodies’ natural pH levels, which are meant to be slightly alkaline. If we consume too much acidic food or if we are stressed or even if we train too much, our bodies become too acidic which can impair our health and make us more susceptible to illnesses. The more alkaline sources of nutrition you include into your diet, the healthier you will be.

5. Plant based protein powders are a perfect addition to your fat loss nutrition plan! Because plant based protein powders are rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants, fibre, support muscle growth and are an alkaline source of food they are an ideal source of nutrition to boost your metabolism and help to improve your weight management.

Hint & Tip!

While on a weight loss nutrition plan, try incorporate a serving or two of your favourite plant based protein powder as a mid-morning or evening snack. The quality source of the protein combined with the plant based proteins fibre content will kick any craving you have to the curb and help boost your metabolism!

What options do you have?

Scorpion Supplements stock three different plant-based protein powders in store. These protein powders will provide a full and complete spectrum of amino acids which supports muscle recovery and muscle growth.  Each product is unique and has its individual advantages:

Active Naturals Pea Protein
Active Naturals Pea Protein is 100% natural and is sourced from yellow peas.
• Naturally sweetened
• Alkaline based protein
• Low in calories
• Provides 19.2g of protein per serve

Balance Sports Nutrition
• Balance Sports Nutrition plant protein is a smooth blend of pea protein, brown rice protein concentrate, chai protein and sacha inchi powders.
• Naturally sweetened
• Supports muscle recovery
• Added digestive enzymes, BCAAs and Glutamine

BSC Clean Vegan Protein
• BSC Clean Vegan Protein combines pea protein with brown rice protein, ancient trim, and organic ancient grains.
• Naturally sweetened
• Contains Prebiotic
• Digestive enzyme complex

If you want to achieve your health and fitness goals, improve your general health or are sensitive to dairy proteins, give plant-based protein a try today!