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January 14th, 2021

If there is a one NEW supplement that is making waves in the health and fitness industry, it is collagen. Some of the research suggests collagen helps to improve: skin, joint health and bone density. That is a list worthy of taking note of. What is collagen? How can it help my body? Why do I need to take collagen? Today we take a look at collagen and its potential benefits.

What is collagen?
Collagen is the main structural protein in the extracellular matrix in the various connective tissues in the human body. As the main component of connective tissue, it is the most abundant protein in mammals. Collagen proteins equate to 25-35% of the whole body protein content.

Collagen consists of amino acids, bound together to form a triple helix of elongated fibril known as a collagen helix. Collagen is made up of the amino acids, glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and arginine.

Due to the aging process and the cumulative effect of physical stress on our bodies, our collagen production naturally decreases which compromises the structural integrity of our bodies. By adding in a supplementary form of collagen into your balanced diet, you can support your body’s collagen production which will help alleviate some of the physical effects of aging.

What are the benefits of collagen?
Here are the main physiological benefits to supplementing with collagen:

Skin Health
Collagen protein is one of the major components of your skin. Collagen plays a role in strengthening your skin, improves skin elasticity and increases hydration. To support this, a study in the Journal of Medical Nutrition and Nutraceuticals showed that the depth of wrinkles was reduced significantly in a sample group that was ingesting a collagen supplement.

Joint Health
Collagen helps to increase the integrity of your cartilage and ligaments. Cartilage is the firm, flexible connective tissue and is found in the articulating surfaces to help protect your joints. Ligaments are a short band of tough, flexible fibrous connective tissue which connects two bones together. Collagen supplementation helps to maintain the integrity of these soft tissues and prevents their deterioration.

Bone Health
Your bones are mainly comprised of collagen protein, which helps to give them their structure and keeps them strong. As we age, the integrity of our bones diminish and our ability to produce collagen decreases. This has a double edge sword on our physical health. Consuming collagen supplements may help reduce the risk of bone disorders like osteoporosis. Also, collagen supplementation has the potential to help increase bone mineral density and lower levels of proteins in the blood that stimulate bone breakdown.

Lean Muscle Mass
1-10% of lean muscle mass is comprised of collagen. Collagen helps to keep the integrity of your lean muscle mass strong.  Research has shown that consuming collagen supplements help to increase lean muscle mass and strength in people with age related muscle mass loss.

Other Potential Benefits
Some other potential collagen benefits that collagen may help with include:

  • maintaining a healthy gut
  • maintaining a healthy weight
  • reducing anxiety
  • improving mood
  • promoting healthy nail and hair growth

Who can benefit from using a collagen protein?
Individuals from all walks of life can reap the benefits from supplementing with collagen. Most of the research is clear that the demographic groups that will have the most benefits from collagen are those in the over 35s.

How to use Scorpion Hydrolysed Collagen?
Mix one scoop (1 serve), into your protein shake, smoothie or a beverage of your choice to help support your body.

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