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May 24th, 2022

Nobody cares about abs when it is cold outside, as most of the time you’ll probably find yourself wrapped up in a sweater. So it makes sense at this time of the year to bump up the calories, train hard and grind out some extra mass.

One of the most common questions we get here at Scorpion Supplements is… “What products will benefit me most while I am bulking?” So here are our top product recommendations and some information on them and how they can help you boost your gains this bulking season.


Creatine is an ergogenic (performance enhancing) sports supplement that has been shown to increase strength, power and lean mass. Creatine is one of the most safest sports supplements on the market and is highly effective.

Creatine works by increasing the stores of creatine-phosphate in your muscles and liver. This aids in the re-synthesis of A.T.P (Adenosine Triphosphate) which is our energy currency.

During intense exercise, A.T.P is broken down and energy is released. The rate of A.T.P re-synthesis, limits your ability to continually perform at maximum intensity because you use A.T.P faster than you can recycle it.

Some of creatines benefits include improved strength, ballistic power, sprint speed, strength endurance, muscle mass, and brain function. While you are bulking this winter, make sure you use creatine monohydrate to help increase your performance.

All you need to use is just 5g (1 scoop) per day. After a month of continual supplementation, your muscles will be fully saturated and you’ll be reaping all the benefits creatine has to offer.

Creatine Vital Information

  • Scorpion Pure Micronized Creatine Monohydrate is high quality with NO fillers
  • Creatine Monohydrate is regarded as the most effective sports supplement ever developed
  • Athletes of all sporting codes can benefit from Creatine to boost performance & aid strength


Scorpion Disturbed is our most popular pre-workout and is designed to aid in strength, power and aerobic performance.

Disturbed features 302mg of caffeine per serve, and 3663mg of Beta Alanine. The high doses of caffeine and Beta Alanine will help support strength, power and endurance, which is ideal for any individual aiming to make some gains.

The best time to use Disturbed is 15-30min prior to training. You need to take it prior to training to allow your body the time to process the pre workout and therefore maximise your training efforts. Just beware pre-workouts take 60min to peak, so you want to make sure you time that right.

Disturbed Vital Information

  • Features a MEGA 302mg of pure caffeine per serve that will catalyse insane instant energy and focus
  • 7300mg of Creatine, AAKG and Beta Alanine to enhance nitric oxide production which assist in giving you extreme muscle pumps
  • Five spine tingling flavours; Raspberry Cola, Mango Lemonade, Red Reaper, Lime-pine and Pineapple


If you are aiming to add muscle mass to your body, then you need to be consuming more calories each day compared to the calories you are burning off. This is called a calorie surplus.

The Scorpion Mass Attack is the perfect product to add into your diet as it provides 600 calories per serve, when served in milk, and is an easy and delicious way to boost up your total daily calories. Additionally, Mass Attack will provide 40g of quality protein to help you reach your protein goals and build muscle mass.

The Mass Attack is a high quality meal replacement and will not leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Mass Attack is ideal to use at any time of the day so can be consumed with meals or in-between depending on your own personal preference.

Mass Attack Vital Information

  • Calorie dense mass gainer made with the finest quality ingredients
  • HUGE 600 calories & 40 grams protein packed into a 90 gram serve (mixed in 300ml milk)
  • Loaded with a full spectrum of desirable Amino Acids to aid muscle growth & recovery

So use the winter time to your advantage, train hard, eat big and make gains.

Maximise your gains this winter with Scorpion’s Mass Attack Stack: