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Become a Sponsored Athlete

Scorpion Supplements are proud to be actively involved within our local communities, helping individuals and groups in the pursuit of their sporting ambitions.

Definition of a sponsorship?
Sponsorship is a relationship between two mutual parties, who share common interests, whereby the exchange of a service or product is mutually agreed upon between these parties.

How to apply?
As we are inundated with interest towards sponsorship, it is important to take the time to write an informative and concise proposal that outlines the following points:
– Personal details
– Contact details
– Sporting code/teams
– Sporting achievements
– Sporting and lifestyle photos
– Details of how Scorpion Supplements can benefit from you being on our team
– Details of how you can benefit from Scorpion Supplements
– Reference description written by a coach and or mentor. Please also provide contact details of reference so we are able to contact them.

Please submit your proposal to Scorpion Supplements
[email protected]
Scorpion Supplements
PO BOX 18674