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Robin Vis

Robin Vis



AGE: 30
Height: 177cm
Birth Place: Christchurch New Zealand
Current Residence: Christchurch New Zealand
Code: WFF Natural Body Building Competitor
Off season weight: 90kg
Competition weight: 81kg
Occupation: Scorpion Supplements and Holistic Health Coach
Favourite Supplements: Scorpion WPI and Scorpion BCAAs
Favourite Foods: Most foods!


I grew up in eastern Christchurch, where from a young age I developed a passion for physical activity, helping other people and the science behind how the human body works and best operates. As a young kiwi lad I loved to be outside running, chasing balls, playing rugby, cricket or golf? You name it, I gave it a go!

My earliest motivation to train came from watching old school Mr Olympia videos that featured Arnold Schwarzenegger and action movie stars like Jean Claude Van Dam. At the age of 13 I began resistance training  in the gym! My intention was to increase my lean muscle to give myself a greater ability to compete in cricket. This proved to be a valuable tool as I quickly advanced through the grades and provided a stern challenge even for those many years my senior!
From the age of 20 I was thrusted into adulthood, taking care of my first born child. Becoming a parent often had it’s challenges but was met with positivism and a willingness to learn, adapt and grow. One of the greatest challenges that I faced was limited free time to pursue all of the recreational activities that I had so dearly enjoyed previously.

ENTER increased gym time!

Given the constraint of full time work, study and the responsibilities of a young family, my passion for the gym grew with each and every training session and I adapted my life to make sure I had those precious 30-60 minutes of time to myself everyday. The gym was now more than a place to increase my aesthetics, it had become an outlet for built up stress and a place for personal progression. I now saw the gym as a  vicinity to better myself mind, body and soul!

Physical training helps to develop HOLISTIC people!

Through the years my passion for training and learning has lead me to become a fully qualified personal trainer, where I achieved a diploma in Personal Training level 5 and Business diploma to suit. Secondly to this, I graduated from Canterbury University with a Bachelors degree in Sport Coaching, complimenting this with an endorsement in Strength and Conditioning! I believe being accredited or having experience (even better a combination of both) is very important in this industry! For people to be able to trust you with their lives, they NEED to know FULLY that you have the capacity to help them with their specific goals! My intention has always been to become as experienced and knowledgeable as possible so that I can give back to others, the best that I can!

For the past six years I have competed in 10 WFF/NABBA body building competitions. I enjoy every aspect that this sport has to offer and believe that it requires a unique character to get on stage! One of the most positive aspects of the sport is meeting so many like minded people! My greatest competition memory was competing on the Gold Coast WFF World’s in 2014. There was over 220 competitors on the day, which was unlike any competition that I had competed on before hand.

Some advice for those looking to begin their own health & fitness journey?
->Invest in a highly qualified coach or mentor who will help you plan out your training and align your nutrition to suit your specific goals.
->Be careful with who you choose as a coach and make sure they have the appropriate qualifications and experience  to help you achieve your goals!
->Be constant and patient with your training and nutritional protocols! Rome was not built in a day and an investment into your health should be life long.
->Self educate about anatomy, physiology,  programming and nutrition.
->Be holistic with your development. There is more to life then training and eating. Also, if you do not have balance eventually the wheels will fall off!


> Scorpion Whey Protein- Tastes fantastic and is rich in BCAAs and Glutamine for accelerated recovery!
> Syn-Tec Carbo-Plex- A high quality source of fast digesting and sustained release carbohydrates! Essential pre and post training for restoration of muscle glycogen from those high intense training sessions.
> Scorpion Creatine-A well proven ergogenic, performance enhancing product. A must in any gym bag!



-> WFF Worlds 2014
-> Bachelors Degree Sport Coaching endorsement in Strength and Conditioning
-> Fully qualified Personal Training and Lifestyle Coach