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December 2nd, 2020

Summer has arrived and now is meant to be the time to enjoy BBQs, festivals and Christmas parties with that hot new shredded look? Unfortunately, life during 2020 has made this difficult and now you find yourself months behind where you want to be with your health and fitness goals.

Please don’t despair, because not all is lost. Apply Scorpion’s 10 quick tips for that summer shred and get back on track today.

1. Set achievable goals.
Before you start, you need to set a goal. Be ambitious but realistic. A few kilos of fat dropped now will make you feel a whole lot healthier and because you’ve taken the steps to kick start your health, you’ll be more motivated to persevere.

2. Clean up your diet.
One third of the battle with weight management is nutrition. If you continue to over eat, you will continue to increase body fat. Create a nutrition plan that will help you recover from training, optimise performance while leaving you in a calorie deficit to drop body fat. Choose foods that are rich in fibre, high in protein and are nutrient dense.

3. Create a training plan.
Create a training plan that is tailored to your lifestyle. Make time for fitness and weights. High intense interval training will help to boost your aerobic metabolism, transforming you into a fat burning machine, and it is time efficient. No excuses.

4. Start moving more.
Just start by moving your body more. A little of extra energy expended each day quickly adds up and your goal should be to make sure your training and movement progressively increases.

5. Monitor Your Progress.
Take notes, keep a log or track your progress using an app. There are so many tools available but the key is to find one that you will be able to consistently. Tracking your progress is vital for progression. If you don’t know where you are at with your training or nutrition, how can you make the appropriate changes?

6. Tweak and refine your plan.
As you progress you will be faced with metabolic and physiological adaptations. This is great because it is why you are training and what you are aiming to induce. However! If you don’t make the subtle changes needed after your body has adapted, your progress will quickly come to a grinding holt.

7. Stay Consistent.
After you have created a plan, and you have made a start, now is the time to grind out the work. Make sure you attend your sessions, don’t make excuses and get the job done. Every training session missed is another opportunity lost. You can’t miss sessions.

8. Empty calories.
Empty calories are your enemy. Apart from calories, they provide minimal nutrition benefits. Foods that contain empty calories include processed foods, sugar rich foods, carbonated drinks and alcohol. Minimise these foods and watch the fat drop quickly.

9. Adherence and effort.
Adherence is where the battle is won and lost. Commitment is required and time and effort will always yield results.

10. Reset.
Now you’ve completed your goal, hit the reset button and start again.

For best results include the following Scorpion products into your nutrition plan to help support recovery, increase lean mass and decrease body fat: