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What is Casein Protein?

January 28th, 2019

Casein Protein – Natures Slow Release Protein

Scorpion Supplements most popular protein powder is by far whey protein, loved by gym junkies, athletes and those looking to lose or gain weight. Whey protein has been our go-to muscle enhancer for years. But there’s another perhaps lesser known protein supplement that you may want to utilise to optimise your hard-fought gains.

One of the top sources of long-lasting amino acids is Casein protein it’s an easy-to-digest dairy protein similar to whey. What makes casein protein different to whey protein, pea protein powder or even whole foods is the timing of how it’s absorbed in addition to how long it lingers in the body. Both factors make it beneficial for building muscle fast and preserving the body’s lean muscle tissue.

When it comes to nutrient timing, the type of protein matters. Casein protein hits your bloodstream very rapidly and its amino acids stay where they need to be in order to help build muscle tissue for many hours, as opposed to being flushed from the body relatively quickly.

If your looking to build lean muscle mass, curb hunger and see even more benefits from your exercise you might want to add scorpion supplements casein protein to your daily routine.


What Is Casein Protein?

Derived from milk, just like whey protein, casein protein is a  more abundant source of branched-chain amino acids as about 80 percent of the protein found in cow’s milk is casein protein.

Whey Protein Vs Casein

Benefits of Casein Protein

1-Lasts Longer than Other Protein Sources

Although it’s absorbed quickly, casein is considered a slow-digesting protein because of the length of time its amino acids stay within the bloodstream. Like slower-releasing carbohydrates are beneficial as opposed to fast-acting types that can spike blood sugar rapidly, different proteins work the same way.

The body can slowly digest casein protein, which means muscle tissues have a longer opportunity to use the amino acids for repair work and growth. Strategically timing the ingestion of casein definitely has its advantages in certain situations.

2. Helps Build Muscle Mass and Spare Muscle-Wasting

Casein is an anti-catabolic protein. During times of Stress ie hard workouts the body enters a catabolic state or when muscle tissue starts to get broken down to get the amino acids that are stored inside muscle protein. It uses these stored amino acids for energy and helping with various functions, such as growth and development.

The more you exercise, the more your body is going to search for available protein to keep it functioning. Anti-catabolic supplements provide amino acids that help minimize this breakdown process, sparing your hard-earned muscle mass.

3. Makes a Great Meal Replacement or Pre-Bedtime Snack

Sleep is one of the most important times for building muscle mass and benefiting from the hard work or exercise you do during the day. While you’re sleeping, your body is working to repair areas that have been stressed during the day. One of the ways you can take advantage of this biological process is using slow digesting protein such as casein protein to give your muscles an extra boost while you sleep.

Casein protein can stay in the bloodstream for up to seven hours, which is one reason that bodybuilders love consuming casein right before bed.

4. Appetite reduction and subsequent aid in weight Loss

Protein supplements can be beneficial when it comes to curbing hunger and cravings. Many people choose to use protein powders for the fact that they can suppress your appetite to a certain extent as well as their ease of use and in Scorpions supplements case the great taste!

Protein is very satisfying and can help you go from one meal to the next without getting so Hangry. While the effects differ depending on the person, some people do really well using protein powders as an easy meal replacement option.

The Best Times to Use Casein Protein

  • Use casein protein before bed if your goal is to build muscle and potentially gain weight
  • As a meal replacement/snack between spaced-out meals.
  • Not an ideal post workout supplement as casein is digested slowly so won’t give you the benefits of an immediate rush of amino acids that you’re after ideally post training.

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