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November 8th, 2022

Casein Protein is a slow digesting dairy protein source, that is used to help people boost their total daily protein and support their muscle recovery and health goals. There are three main forms of casein protein: micellar, calcium caseinate and hydrolysate. The most popular casein protein is micellar (which is what the Scorpion Casein is made from) and it is one of the slowest digesting proteins you can provide your body. Casein is known as a “time release” protein, due to the fact it takes between 3-6 hours to metabolize and fully breakdown into its amino acids in the blood. Today we look at Casein Protein, it’s benefits and how it can add to your diet.

What is Casein Protein?
Casein Protein is a common protein found in cow’s milk (80%). It is a complete protein, meaning that is contains all the amino acids, and is naturally rich in essential amino acids like BCAAs, like whey. Casein Protein is found in foods like yoghurt, cheese, and even infant formulas. What really differentiates Casein, is its rate of metabolism. It takes 3-6 hours for your body to fully breakdown into its amino acids. Casein has a consistency that is thicker compared to most other protein sources which makes it ideal to mix into desserts or as a pudding like treat.

What are the benefits?
Since Casein is a high-quality protein source that is low in fat and carbs, it is a good source of protein to add into your diet to support your recovery and health. Adding Casein Protein into your daily nutrition will help to boost your total daily protein intake, which can help to increase muscle protein synthesis, support recovery, muscle growth and immunity. Casein has a slightly different biological benefits compared to whey. Primarily, Casein is richer in the conditional essential amino acid Glutamine. Glutamine is heavily depleted after strenuous exercise and therefore may need to be replenished to maximise muscle protein synthesis. Also due to its slower digestive rate, Casein has been shown to help individuals keep hunger at bay. A good time to take have a serve, is in the evening or prior to bed. At this time of the day, the slow-release Casein will provide a steady stream of muscle nourishing support.

How to add it into your diet?
What matters the most when it comes to gains is that individuals meet their total daily calorie and protein requirements. So, the main benefit of adding Casein into your diet is that is an affordable and high-quality protein source. A serve provides 23g of protein, 123 calories and is low in fat and carbs. One or two serves per day will help to keep you feeling full and your hunger down, without adding unnecessary calories. A good time of the day to have Casein is in the evening or prior to bed to help prevent muscle breakdown while you sleep. It can be added into a blender to make a smoothie, mixed with Greek yoghurt or just on its own.

If you are looking for a high quality, lean protein source to add into your diet, try Scorpion Casein today!